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Things about  web  design that experts should take in consideration


  1. Clients are always right. If the software get blocked,  the web design does not display properly , is designer’s fault . Because technology Works for human, not the opposite.  The programmer has to give accessibility to the web design.
  2. Design is about usability. Web design should not be a piece of art, beacuse  designer needs that people  use it, not admire it.  Web design  unlike  art  has  a context, a use context, that is why is related to  technology, because it changes  really fast as  designs does.  A web design  that worked  ten years ago is not able to even consider work  nowadays. A piece of art instead, no matter how old it is, always will be in force. Best web designs  will always depends on the current age  and the services that they are offering .
  3. The experience belongs to the users. Designers do not create experiences, create platforms  to live them.  The experience only happens  when   the client  take ownership of it , not when the designer ordered that way. When the users  live an experience, eventually  they will let know that actually  ocurred.
  4. The best web design is invisible.  A particularly thing  about  web designs  is that when they work properly , users forget all the work that is behind. The bad web designs speak  for themself : inadequate, difficult and complex, besides  are the one that are noticed more.  The good web designs,  thanks to their great job, are invisible, just like what happen with politicians.
  5. Simplicity is always best. Less is always more.  The best price for a designer is reach  clients with simple  creations and designs.

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